Really Wild Tea Cosies Book Launch

April 9, 2010 | 3 Comments

Last night I went to a wonderful launch of a wonderful book. I have struck up a online friendship with the author, Loani Prior thanks to my obsession with tea and drawing (ie. I love drawing tea cosies!) and it was really wonderful to meet her last night – plus some other friends and some knitters. A ‘wild’ night in the true spirit of the tea cosies!

And Borromini had a blast too!

This cosy was given away – we played a little game and can you believe it, I was one of the last two. I lost out because I chose ROCK and my opponent chose PAPER (yes, it was a rock, paper scissors challenge at the death). I am glad that the other lady won – she is a serious knitter and I hope this inspires her to knit some wild tea cosies.

As much as I would love to have a Loani original, I would prefer to knit it myself! Besides I got to draw it!

I am not very good at sketching on demand in public but really wanted to sketch this cosy – since all the other cosies are drawn from photos in the book. The winner was sitting with her cosy in a corner of the book shop so I was able to stand in the corner and sketch with no one noticing me.

I then went out to dinner with Loani and her friends – how did that happen!

An amazing sketching adventure!


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