BB at Artiscon's Exhibition

April 9, 2010 | 1 Comment

Another REAL LIFE event… this time the opening of an exhibition of Artiscon’s work – Tony Belobrajdic

it was SO amazing to see his watercolours in real life – many of those on his photostream were there. So wonderful!!!! I spent quite a while looking at them and now can look at them again on line! Yay!

Last year, I was commenting on his work on Flickr and asked “when were you in Sydney?” only to find out that not only did he live in Sydney but was a perspective artist who I have used in the past for work….so was really nice to meet him again after a number of years.

Now, to be honest, Borromini was at the opening, he did meet Tony but didn’t get out of my bag (sometimes he is very shy!) So this photo is a very bad photoshop hack…

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