BCN.UK.2013: Symposium Day 3

August 19, 2013 | Leave your thoughts

Arc de Triomf – 40th Worldwide sketchcrawl …in Barcelona with hundreds of other sketchers!!!

The three day event is a lot of fun…. At the end of Day 1 you are exhausted, have done so much and then realise there are still 2 full days to go. Tee second day you get in the swing of things and it goes so fast… and then it hits you that  there is only one more day!

The final day arrives and apart from being very tired… there is only one workshop left and then a sketch crawl and it is all over. Having been to all of the previous 3 symposiums… I know this feeling well but this year as I was staying in BCN for another week (along with many others)  I didn’t let the pre-post symposium blues (as I call it) get me…

I still wanted to go out and do a little warmup up first as I was a little sluggish… so once again missed the panel…

Final workshop was GREAT! Negative forms with Omar and Joao (original workshop description here)

We had to change locations but the square that we found was just as good. Really really enjoyed seeing the negative forms and there was a lot of great work done by others. I think that this workshop will be the hardest for me to put into practice though as it really requires a huge brain switch and time to do this (ha ha! I need to slow down to do this!!!!)

I finally made it to a demo – drawing with twigs with KK from Penang- amazing!

I have done an interesting thing in this spread and the one before. My sketchbook was a little cramped and I had more that I wanted to write and record…so I added another page in the middle. This enabled me to be able to glue in a rushed attempt of my auction sketch and sketch some of the great books that I swapped with others…and I was able to give the Arc sketch a little more breathing space… I love spreading out in this size sketchbook!

Sketchcrawl… was crazy- so so many people. People I hadn’t meet yet, people who I had only said hello to in passing!

… meeting some blog followers (always such a special treat for me!), catching up with sketchers who were here for the public events such as Pete Sculley

….and Emily from Brisbane(here is 4 of the 5 Australians in BCN)

…… and sketching alongside my good friends for the last time this trip! It is always special to see so many sketchers in the one place at the one time. So much creative energy!

I was sketching for others and then doing reflex sketching (talking and sketching at the same time) AND trying out water-soluble ink and watercolour as well. I learned a very valuable lesson… don’t do it in one step! I then wandered off by myself to quickly sketch the top of the buildings over towards the east.

Closing function and then a very late dinner… and here ends another amazing symposium!
Didn’t take as many photos on the last evening as I often do. Very honoured that Karen bought my sketch in the silent auction!

The late dinner group – so great to have a chance to catch up with Pete Sculley who was not at the symposium…(not the same without you Pete!) and lovely chats to Virgina and Jason. And for the record we were back at that Vegetarian restaurant again!

Thanks to all the organisers who did such an amazing job – there is no words to describe how much I appreciate all the hard work.

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