TasTrip15: An amazing place to stay in Hobart

February 18, 2015 | 2 Comments



I just have to share a little about the airbnb apartment I stayed in when I was in Hobart called Apartment 3 – hosted by the wonderful Jodi! It was fabulous and I loved everything about it. The location was great in New Town which is only a short distance from the centre of town. I have stayed closed to the action previously and as I had my own hire car found it very convenient to pop down the road to North Hobart for dinner. The apartment was spotlessly clean, well equipped with everything I could want, and the fridge and pantry were equipped too – I was blown away! It was a two bedroom apartment so I had plenty of room to myself.

But my favourite part was the tree house living room! I absolutely love corner windows and steel framed windows as well – sad that I didn’t get a chance to sketch the window details as I had planned. Every trip to Tasmania, I always make a point of visiting the architecture of John Lee Archer and James Blackburn. Both outstanding colonial architects. John Lee Archer was the Civil Engineer and Architect for the colony and is responsible for many famous historic buildings in Tassie while Blackburn was a convict who designed numerous buildings in a distinct and quirky style and there is a great quote in the Wikipedia article about him. Sadly this visit I missed out visiting their works – but it was great that I could see an Archer church in the distance (St Johns), and when I drove out I saw the tower of a Blackburn – the former Uniting Church on New TownRoad.

I loved being surrounded by trees – from sofa level all you could see was trees.

And at night, the bright external light on the corner of the building created this amazing effect.

AND… how could I not be excited by the view of Mount Wellington from the bedroom window. Didn’t see that much of it due to cloud, but knowing it was there on the wet days was still very special.

Lots of attention to details in the small things. Here are just a few that caught my eye… including a very sketchable cushion which is a Freedom special!

The red kettle and coffee machine… sadly I ran out of time to sketch the kitchen – or indeed every room in the apartment!

Very highly recommended place to in Hobart!

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