A varied week of lockdown teacups

August 2, 2021 | 4 Comments

Guess what? I’ve done 36 teacup sketches in the past 36 days! Here they all are in one image.

Am I getting bored?

No! Not at all. I still want to work out a way to do some more experimental versions.


Has it been a hard challenge to stick to?

Not really! Like all daily projects some days I don’t have a lot of time so my sketch is a little rushed. But as I normally pause for an afternoon cuppa, I already have a set time in my day to do my teacup sketch for the day. Saturday is harder as I have to do two and don’t have my normal routine to fall back on.

Last week was super busy (wrapping up the Group Run-through for Edges, getting ready for Sketchbook Design which starts this Wednesday and other things) therefore I didn’t have any specific plan for which teacups I would sketch. My selection was very random so it’s interesting to see, now that I put them together in one blog article, that I covered a good range of patterns, brands and colours.

As mentioned last week, I’ve stopped bothering about doing a different cup each day but I’ve only repeated one teacup so far.

Okay, enough preamble… here they are…


When I bought the gold Cristina Re Georgia Lace cup recently (a present to myself) a very cool black and white houndstooth design caught my eye – also by Cristina Re. A few days later I decided that this design would make a great Lockdown 2.0 cup (last year’s lockdown cup was also a black and white design) and so I ordered it too.

BTW I don’t buy teacups whenever I feel like it, there has to be a reason for a new purchase so that there is a strong association between the new cup and an event in my life.

I love this cup – it’s so chic – and a great fancy cup for a busy work day. It took me a little while to work out how to do the tricky houndstooth pattern so it took over the spread a little… but in a good way IMHO! More about the Palladio part in a separate article later this week.


Another version of the Cristina Re Georgia Lace cup trying to use a more rose gold mix. See last week’s article for my first sketch of it which turned out too gold and blue.



A really rough sketch of my Edges cup (by T2 – don’t know the name of this cup) to celebrate the last livestream for the current Group Run-through. Once again… a huge thanks to everyone who was part of it.

What a very special 8 weeks it has been – you’ve been the most supportive group ever! I’ve absolutely loved going through the content again – especially the last lesson on lost and found edges. More about this when I share last week’s Palladian Villas.


T2 Mahabharata Yellow Tall Cup – one of the cups I bought to celebrate the launch of Watercolour On Location in 2019. This is a pattern that’s always fun to sketch even when I do a rough version of it as I did here.


Royal Albert 1950s Festival. This cup on the other hand is very nice in real life but not so exciting to sketch from my usual top-down view (the view I have while drinking my tea). I couldn’t have a week without including a Royal Albert cup could I?


T2 Adriana Picker cup – needed some pink during a busy Saturday morning…

and a Colcough vintage cup to end the week.

I’m super busy with some SketchingNow projects….

But just because we are on the topics of teacups – here is a list of where to find lessons/demos on teacups within these SketchingNow courses:

  • Foundations Intro Lesson 1 and Lessons 1-6 all include important techniques for sketching teacups (with examples)
  • Foundations Lesson 7 – three demos using different techniques (ink and wash, direct watercolour, watercolour pencil and watercolour)
  • Edges – every lesson includes a ‘tea break’ section showing how the concepts apply to teacups
  • Edges Lesson 4 – multiple demos (including one in the recent Livestream 7!)
  • Watercolour Lesson 4 – teacup demo and also a coffee cup demo filmed on location
  • Watercolour on Location Intro Lesson 4  – coffee cup sketch filmed on location
  • Watercolour on Location Lesson 2 – watercolour wash exercise based on teacups
  • Sketchbook Design Intro Lesson 1 – three teacups sketched as part of the first exercise.

Hmm… That was a fun list to work out… and I’m sure I’ve missed some. 🙂

Now I just have to work out a strategy for which teacups to sketch this week? Any ideas?


  • Maria Lopes says:

    His cup work is absolutely amazing! You have 1 awesome work ability!
    I prefer yours cups to architecture! ?
    And I’ve been trying to digest your Lesson 2 – WaterColour course:
    W202 Mixing, Layering: Theory 1
    W203 Mixing, Layering: Theory 2
    W204 Mixing, Layering: Theory 3
    W205 Mixing, Layering: Demo 1
    W206 Mixing, Layering: Demo 2
    Is very dificulty but I’m gonna try…

  • Maria Lopes says:

    Not “his”, but “yours”…..google translation…

  • Peggy Bowman says:

    I think you need to treat yourself to a new teacup for every Sydney lockdown!! This series is fabulous, and I’m sure it’s keeping you sane. Hope you’re staying safe, Liz!!!

  • Yvonne Carpenter says:

    I love your teacup sketch collection! I always liked your individual teacup sketches, and I often stare at it to try to “reverse engineer” your thinking proces. But the whole set of teacups looks really, really cool! I vaguely recall you sketching lots of them a few years back, or maybe it is just my imagination, but it would be cool to see you do them all in a sequence ?

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