A new precious possession

November 26, 2013 | 4 Comments


My Bible is my most precious possession…so imagine how big it is to get a new one.

It feels so foreign to have one that has never been opened …so I have to start reading it! The one that I have used for the last 8 years or so is the one that I bought to take traveling (and hasn’t it been on some trips?) – slimline with a zip but the print is just a bit too small so this one is larger print. (thanks Alison for such speedy delivery!)

And yes a tea cup appears on the page as well (just using a waterbrush which I can’t quite bring myself to enjoy much) and a few other slightly cryptic notes… maybe some of you who are ‘curious’ can work it out! I can’t quite bring myself to make a public announcement about the latest chapter in my life. I won’t be able to hide it for long….


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