A day of sketching for myself

November 23, 2013 | 3 Comments

I can’t remember when the last time I went into town and had a little sketching for myself…today it really hit the spot!

I needed to go back into the Rocks area just to check how busy it was on the weekend and with the markets on. I also wanted to check where the sun was in a few locations during the day. This was all prep for next Saturdays 1 day Sketching Architecture workshop (which BTW  is now fully booked)  Plenty of time but with some things to do is perfect opportunity for me to sneak in a few sketches just for me…including the highly complex Observer Hotel. It is also nice to have the time to write some random notes to myself – read them if you are nosy!

I also had to be at the Tea Cosy Tearoom for a catch up at 11am. Was very nice that it was timed with a big sudden storm and then it was sunny again when it was time to leave.

Walked through the Botanic Gardens (also a little prep for another workshop coming soon!) and did a quick sketch on the way. I really like days like this, when I have the freedom to stop and sketch whenever the mood grabs me. Just responding to the moment –  it gets me in a travel sketching mood even though I am only in my hometown!

I am enjoying experimenting with my sailor pen in this zeta book. And surprised at how little the spiral binding bothers me… I just sketch through it! I am loving being able to use some of my pens that haven’t flowed that well on texture paper surface and although the smoothness of the paper isn’t creating the same effects I am used to, the thickness and feel of it is wonderful.

Since getting home I have drawn a map while watching an exciting period in the First Ashes Test. I love the way that cricket makes me think of Xmas/summer holidays!  (the sketch on the left page was the first that I did today)

But sadly a special cup – a Charles Rennie Mackintosh cup from the Hill House from my first trip to Scotland in 2000 – was broken this afternoon when I dropped it! 
“Uh oh, tea” Quoting my 2 year old niece (who is a big peppa pig fan) from the episode “Mr Bull in a China Shop” I love drinking out of nice cups that have a meaning for me… but once it is broken, I just move on- it is only a ‘thing’.


Actually drawing this cup for a ‘thing-a-day’ challenge a number of years ago was the very start of my tea cup sketch fad!






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