From Zeta to Beta

November 27, 2013 | Leave your thoughts


A new sketchbook – a Stillman & Birn Beta (have used it before and want to try it again)

First page as usual is a palette page and this time I have recorded the exact colours (as of today – just for the record, it has been more or less like this for 6 months). I was planning to do a ‘proper’ update to my palette colours but hopefully you can read this and it will do in the interim. I am really happy with this current selection of pigments. (Click on image to see larger)

As for the layout of this page… there is no special rhyme or reason why it is the way it is. Just an example of what I call my ‘fluid composition’. I started the page with a single thought that then evolved and expanded as I kept working.

Up to daily sketchbook #67. Some numbers always make me think of Psalms. 67 is one of those and therefore I wrote the first verse from the Scottish Metrical Psalter that I have in the back of my brand new bible. This is one of the first psalms we learnt as children – Ps 23, 100 and 67 – so it an association that goes back quite a few years.

Hope that next week I will get a chance to post a few thoughts from using a spiral bound zeta book

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