37th international sketchcrawl (a quiet solo day)

October 13, 2012 | Leave your thoughts

International Sketchcrawl day….Needing a quiet day rather than the buzz of being out with the Sydney gang (expecting over 25 sketchers at Darling Harbour) so I had a lovely day (so far- it is 3pm) at home with a little visit to T2 teahouse!
Btw now that I am using my second moleskine cahier I am mixing it up by working across alternative spreads and sticking the bleed through spreads together with my orange dots. I much prefer the narrative nature of working this way rather than just sketching on the right page each time which made the last book feel more like a collection of single images rather than a record of my life. LOVE working at this size! Also mixing up watercolour with my markers.

And here is my quick (out and about) sketch last night after work. first friday of our summer time (even though snowy up in the blue mountains) but I made the most of the extra our of sun light…
yes ho hum, I am sketching the same old view yet again!

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