Obsessed with mixing greys

October 26, 2012 | 3 Comments

Yes, it is a fact I am obsessed with mixing the perfect greys – warm grey, neutral grey and the right blue-grey.

So that is the focus of this new minimal palette!

I’m trying to reduce colours (refer to previous posts to find out more!)
Rather than doing elaborate neat colour charts (something that would be a little out of character), I prefer just to practice mixing the colours in my palette and doing a swipe of paint on the page.

The emphasis is on getting into the right mixing habit, how much paint to pick up and in what order, and how to adjust a mix on the palette. Therefore the colours are all from the one mix but testing different variations and ratios of colour etc.

I’m having trouble matching a blue-grey with what I am used to*… But I am happy for (and needing) a change.

* mixed from WN Cobalt Deep Blue and Daniel Smith Burnt Quin Orange… My personal gourmet version of the standard French ultramarine and burnt sienna.

BTW these are done in my specific colour sketchbook.

I REALLY love having this separate book and find it so useful to re-visit different exercises.

I am going out sketching tomorrow (all being well) and it is going to be my first out with this minimal set.


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