Waiting for the ferry and splashing paint around

October 27, 2012 | 2 Comments

I had a day out sketching today (numerous pages) but this is the only image/scan that you will see..

I had a truly wonderful day with sketching friends and it was a stunning day… but not very successful in my own book…this particular sketch was the high point of the day.

My new palette did NOT work for me today(the pthalo blue got so totally out of control and threw me out of balance), still not really at home with the moleskine sketchbook… the format and the fact that the paper makes my linework go scratchy (I am used to smoother paper)… as often, I try to change too many things at the one time!

It is good to have days when you don’t feel happy with what you have done…. it gets the brain thinking… and I want to work out why? and what to do about it.

I was so much looking forward to ‘nailing one’ today… I have done so little longer time frame sketching lately that was looking forward to doing doing a more leisurely finished watercolour sketch. Well, not to be BUT as I love the process so much I don’t mind days like today… and as always have a plan of what to try next. I was also very much inspired by the work done around me today!


  • Anns Art says:

    Sorry you haven't got on with the moleskine sketchbook. I found some pages can be off white in colour, which is okay if that's what you are after. I've used a concertina one recently, okay until I drop it and the whole thing unfolds! What you did get in your blog post today was a very good painting, looks so nice sitting there with your palette…Happy Painting (www.studiohyde.blogspot.com)

  • Ideal setting, just enjoy the moment. What brand is the paintbox? Looks like a good size. I find my Moleskine a bit too wide when open, takes some getting used to.

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