110210 Exciting Thursday and colour colour COLOUR!!!

February 11, 2011 | Leave your thoughts

110210 Exciting Thursday
This is for all you art supply junkies out there… I am afraid I have moments of weakness too – especially when Daniel Smith has a sale AND the Australian dollar is so strong (cheaper to buy online and ship than buy locally!)
And I finally got around to getting myself so MOO cards – 25 different designs on the back.. they look great…I don’t want to give them away!

Since I have some new colours to play with and I want to make some more adjustments to my palette I have decided to start a dedicated colour book as it is hard to track down the pages I did last time I make some change. Here are pages that I have done since coming back from the big trip.I pore over the handprint site reading and comparing pigments. Try them out and then adjust further… I LOVE IT!
110211 New Colour Book
Just another one of my super quick title pages (I rarely reveal my colour choices because as soon as I post them they change)
101112 Post Trip Colour Changes 01
101112 Post Trip Colour Changes 02
101112 Post Trip Colour Changes 03
Pages that I did post big trip when I was looking at some changes. Didn’t post them at the time due to all the other trip sketches I was scanning and posting! It was a BIG THING for me to break up the palette that traveled the world with me for 11 weeks.

It will be great to have these thought processes in the one book as a bit of a narrative.

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