Earl Greys of Crows Nest 12 - Cafe Ticini

February 11, 2011 | Leave your thoughts

Well, I was blown away today.

Not only did I discover another good cup of Earl Grey tea on offer in a Crows Nest Cafe BUT it was Taylors of Harrogate!!! So it wasn’t just good… it was sensational!

Just for the record Taylors is my absolute favourite brand of Earl Grey – it is unbelievably good…and to find it in a little sandwich shop totally blew me away. The food was sensational as well!

I never imagined that I would find Taylors EGT as part of this little project! Just WOW!

There wasn’t a expansive view of a stunning interior to sketch today so I had more time to sketch and enjoy my lunch.. but I hope that I have captured the essences of this little cafe from the seat that I had.

This is part of my review of the earl grey tea that is on offer in cafes in Crows Nest Sydney. The rest of the series is here.


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