110209 Bag Crisis

February 9, 2011 | 1 Comment

110209 Bag Crisis
It would be lovely to have the one bag that is lightweight with an adjustable strap and lots smart enough to be able to use all week …but until I find it I seem to be stuck in a cycle of constantly changing bags. I know one solution is to try to carry less stuff! A patchy and dark watercolour of my red bag that I have sketched a number of times before.(saying something about my mood?)
BTW 1 I like the way that the random selection of Sibelius Symphony 5 on my ipod ties in with recent studies of the Sydney Opera House. The last concert I went to included that piece of music. I love it on it own…but also because it always reminds me of a special night with 3 special friends from Scotland! Perhaps it will now make me think of my red bag?
BTW 2 I will be very excited if anyone knows what the ‘Squirrels to the Nuts’ refers to!
BTW 3 I am allowing the stowaway in my bag tonight as we hope to meet up with a friend from Portland tomorrow – how exciting!!!

1 Comment

  • I totally understand your bag crisis. I recently purchased a Tom Bihn messenger style bag with additional zip bags for my cash and credit cards. There is room for lots of sketching/watercolor supplies and my IPad, phone, Shuffle, etc. with an adjustable strap that goes across my body. So far, I am happy with it. They are in Seattle, WA and you can ordee on line.

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