090404 A busy Saturday...

April 4, 2009 | Leave your thoughts

090404 A Wedding

This morning I went to a wedding service. I sketched in the church while waiting and then did the ‘outfits’ sketches when I got home from a photo (drew these more as a record of the outfits than as a portrait)

090404 T2 Tearoom Table

In the afternoon went shopping- which means I get a chane to visit my favourite tearoom. Had a lovely chat to a couple nearby – they were amazed to see someone sketching but as we continued to chat, the husband being a regular at this tearoom, about my love of earl grey tea, drinking tea in a cup and saucer and then my love of tea cosies, I think that they started to think that I certainly don’t fit the mould of the typical 30-something girl. The wife said twice “you are such an old fashioned girl”… I suppose that I am but I hope people don’t start calling me Polly! (Louisa May Alcott)

090404 T2 Tearoom View
After drawing the usual stuff on my table I decided that it was time to attempt the view including people…only minimal pencil linework and working very quickly (my parking was running out fast!) so they are very blobby and sketchy but I am happy that I made the attempt! Ah! Sitting in cafes sketching is just the best!!!

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