A resolution: People sketching and more landscapes

April 4, 2009 | Leave your thoughts

A fun page…

I am determined to do something about this drawing people fear of mine!

Part of my problem is that I have been drawing pea-headed blobs as people for YEARS at work in my architectural sketches.

Also, having a separate sketchbook for people has not really worked as it is admitting defeat…that they are not good enough to be part of my daily journal. I just have to start drawing people in my normal book and live with the ‘mistakes’

Another 2 resolutions for this week:
2. no waterbrush (unless necessary ie. painting standing up)
3. have a break from complicated architectural subjects and have fun with some landscapes.

So, I have been revisiting places I love in Scotland and getting out my size 12 travel sable brush and had lots of fun!!! I haven’t used a big brush for ages – and have forgotten that totally out of control feel I get about halfway through!

So here is my first people spread…very random in many ways!


I am still a bit overwhelmed at the idea of sketching people on location(and haven’t really had the opportunity this week) but at least I am now drawing in my journal and drawing something ever day….so only one of these is from life.


I still don’t have a good grasp of the shape of the head and how it connects to neck and shoulders – being an architect I feel like need to really understand the form and structure….but working on it….


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