Easter in The Blue Mountains

April 11, 2009 | 7 Comments

Just back from my 2.5 days holiday which was wonderful! It was a non stop sketchcrawl. So be prepared for a lot of sketches to scroll through!


Here is the first one… I don’t think I need to say anything about this! Begone Beautys.

Thought I better visit the most famous spot before the Easter crowds arrived. I have never been to Echo Point in the afternoon before

Echo Point: Not really happy with this page… but I was starting to shiver (this is a change as we are just coming out of summer)

Dinner at Pins… be prepared for a lot of food sketches…. I am recording everything I did…

Shelley Room: Stayed in a wonderful wonderful B&B called the Greens of Leura – each room is named after a famous author or poet


Breakfast… of course it had to be drawn and I was most impressed by the use of a Royal Albert dinner (breakfast) set!

Sublime Point: A stunning lookout that I had not been to before – back view of the 3 sisters

Everglades: A short visit to some lovely gardens. I could have spent a long time here sketching but was in need of a coffee!

Lunch and a view!

Pulpit Rock: My favourite place in the Blue Mountains!

halfway down to the pulpit point… it is so dramatic… I really can’t do it justice!

view from position 1

view from position 2… slightly abstract! I was sitting on my stool here painting, the wind was picking up and although I could fall down the cliff only centimeteres away, I was hoping that I didn’t drop anything as it would be gone forever

B&B living room: this is my favourite as I wasn’t that sure how it would turn out and I added the colour without really concentrating ( I was actively involved in the conversation of the time)

Thai Dinner: just another food page!

Browning Room: As I booked last minute I had to have 2 separate rooms… I didn’t mind moving and it meant there was more for me to draw. BTW the perspective on the bed is all wrong… it really was a very stable object – this one looks like it is about to fall down!

So many nice things to draw in my room!


No response from anyone in the Blue Mountains for the International Sketchcrawl so I did it alone today!

I am normally part of the Sydney team but was away for 2.5 days in the Blue Mountains 1.5 ours out of Sydney. I have been sketching the whole time so my sketchcrawl has been a marathon since Thursday afternoon. As I was doing the tourist thing, I didn’t go on a sketching excursion today (weather wasn’t the best either) but I did sketch whenever I could and tried to record every event of my day.

No one had an early breakfast today so all the table were full when I arrived. I didn’t mind having to wait as it was an opportunity to sketch some people – too much else to draw this weekend for me to get around to drawing more people. Had fun drawing breakfast again and lovely chat to the owners of the B&B

Naturally, I had to draw in the B&B guestbook – after all it is a sketchcrawl day!

Although this is the next page in my sketchbook, there was a bit of time in between….

Right, time for some serious sketching , so I sat on the main street and sketched – thankfully no rain at this time though it was threatening.

Did some shopping and then lunch..maybe I could have drawn some people this time…but when I looked up the table in view was empty!

A bit more shopping and then drive to a lookout, a quick cuppa….

…and then time to drive home

I was quite worried that it would be a long trip home, but thankfully it wasn’t that bad (you can tell by how little I mangaged to draw!)

Final page… back home


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