Current Sketching Tools

what I carry with me every day changes from time to time... but  was the current collection at the end of 2010...yes it needs an update but it is more of less still similiar
(hopefully soon - the sketchbook section below is up to date as of April 2013)

Current sketching Tools

Because I am left handed - from Right to left

- Watercolor kit. Schminke tin with Daniel Smith Watercolours. I always try to use the mixing areas for the colours as shown in this photo. I am always tweaking the colours slightly and these days use more full pans.

- Lamy Joy pen (this is a calligraphy pen - older model - the new model is a fraction heavier) with EF normal nib. I love the balance of the longer tail and it is very stylish as well) NOTE: the JOY is a calligraphy pen so unless you go to a dedicated pen shop where they sell it individually and can swap the nib for you, you will have to buy a separate nib. I am indebted to the owner at the Pen Shop in Wintergardens Plaza Sydney for the suggestion to try to joy pen for drawing. I LOVE it. BTW it is generally agreed amongst the online art world that the black nibs (rather than silver) perform better...the silver one I am currently working with is just fine for me.

-Noodlers Bulletproof Black ink inside my Lamy joy - I know a lot of people have problems with this but works just fine for me and I often dont wait long before putting watercolour over the top.
A few theories on what affects how permanent it becomes are  the humidity in the air, the cotton content in the paper, whether you are drawing over graphite, how many stop and starts you have with your line work... and also how much you use the pen (ie. I believe you should try to use your pen every day so the ink is always flowing!)
An alternative is  Platinum Carbon Ink

More about pens visit this blog post

-#6 Escoda sable travel brush

- 0.5mm clutch pencil with red lead. I nearly always do a very quick pencil outline to get an idea of composition - however when I ink I often ignore it or correct it.
- Pentel pocket brush
- Pitt Colour pen Colour 188 Superfine
- White Gel pen
- Permanent 0.3mm felt pen (incase I run out of ink or to get other people to write in my sketchbook. Note. they sometimes ruin the nib!)
- 3H pencil - for ruling lines for my text... yes I don't naturally write that straight. I also have some guidelines which I can see through the pages.
- Retractable eraser. I rarely use this on location but occasionally I feel like starting again.
- Pentel waterbrush... try not to use this!
- Escoda #12 sable travel brush
- Art Basics #2 sable travel brush

And almost forgot
Small water container that I picked up in a hotel somewhere
And my black wristband for wiping/cleaning my brush

As for my sketchbooks....

 I  love Stillman & Birn  books. The Beta series is lovely but for my dailiy sketching I am using the Alpha Series books.

The paper in these books is bright white and can handle a lot of water. It is not 'true' watercolour paper but I love writing on it, using pencils and splashing paint around. I go through sketchbooks at such a rapid rate that I really need a book with 120 pages in it.

The other sketchbook I love is the A4 size Moleskine watercolour sketchbook. It is a little large and heavy to carry but I love it for my travel sketchbooks.

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