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I am away for a few weeks....

  I am away at the 6th International Urban Sketchers Symposium in Singapore You can follow my daily updates on Flickr - Facebook - Instagram

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Things are busy in Singapore!

Here are some photos (and videos) from Saturday and today, Monday.
The heat and humidity have been tough ... and the 'quiet' early days have been far more full on than I expected. Heaps of sketchers are in town now... so doubt I will be able to post again!

Chinatown with Marc, Shari, Parka and Maria (also Chris and Dawn and Vincent...)
Dumpling lunch!

Sketching a rehearsal of some Indian dancers thanks to Maria..

Jane and I share a birthday which was last week, so here is our shared birthday cake on Saturday night
 Intense humidity this morning with Marc, Joel and Stephanie
 Australian Gang... part of a group for over 20 this year! Lisa, Angela, Chris and Rooi.
 Sketching the supertrees and meeting Murray Dewhurst from NZ!
Hiding from the heat of the afternoon in a cafe with Parka, Vincent, Eve, Paul and Juilette.

Sketching North Bridge road Kampong Glam with Paul, Eve, Luis and Juilette
Eating Durian (for the second night in a row!)
I quite like durian and we decided this evening that the first mouthful tastes like  'garlic custard', but a lot sweeter on the second mouthful. I doubt I will ever love the fruit but it is fun to eat!

Before the durian we had a great meal in Chinatown and afterwards dessert - mango snowy ice and sesame rice balls - yum! Many thanks to Eve and Paul for looking after us this evening.

Two more videos...

it seems that everywhere I go Parka is there with the camera. There are a lot more sketchers around now so I hope he will start recording them all... and leave me alone! Sigh!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Video from my first day in Singapre

Thanks to Parka for putting together this great video...

In Singapore

Arrive in Singapore on Thursday night and have been hanging out with Marc and Laurel Holmes (canada), Omar Jaramillo (Berlin) and Paul Wang and Parka from Singapore.

I doubt I will have much time to blog(already a bit overwhelmed by the number of messages on my phone and trying to coordinate everything) but here are photos from today... which was a warmup day (weather and sketching!)

Weather report after 1 full day sketching here in Singapore:it is hot around 32C but not unbearable, but humidity is very high and not very pleasant. You need to carry an umbrella - when it rains it pours but today only for 1 hour. Today was exactly like I expected... maybe a touch more bearable, and I think easier than Santo Domingo was. Anyway, being with Urban Sketchers makes the weather irrelevant! Safe travels everyone!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The last few days... thaks to Instagram

On Monday morning I did this quick sketch of a surprise bunch of flowers my aunt gave me on Saturday at a family reunion. Surprise because I didn't expect her to know it was my birthday the next day.  Don't make a fuss about my birthday - it's just a normal day! I didn't even have cake...but I think that cake might be in order in SG.

Friday night dinner with my family.

Treat of the week

SketchingNow Online Sketching Courses:
Foundations Self Directed course start today! Edges 4 week course starting Sept 2
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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Trip Prep: Sketching my Kit WIP

I started sketching my ‪#‎usksingapore2015‬ kit tonight but need to come back later to finish. Haven't got my fountain pens included yet.

Sketching my kit is a great way to cross check I have everything and make me realise I have too much stuff. This is exactly what lesson 1 in my SketchingNow Foundations course is about. The Course 'starts' tomorrow - still time to enroll! The course is self directed so you can enroll and start at anytime, but if you want to work through the lessons with others, now is the time to do it!

SketchingNow Online Sketching Courses:
Foundations Self Directed course start today! Edges 4 week course starting Sept 2
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