Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Post Easter- George and a crazy house

 More about George later but first a wonderful crazy local house!

Trying new paper (yes, loose sheets of paper!!!!) Fabriano Extra White 300gsm Hot Press.

Very nice but I will have to get used to it. This sketch was so totally out of control at one stage… but I paused and waited till it was dry (which I really should have done earlier on…I was working too fast and lost my water control) and then tried to rescue.

Amazing how much the paper effects your watercolour - yeah yeah ... I know that paper has a HUGE impact but it is easy to forget this when trying something new. Why did I just expect to be able to do my usual stuff and get away with it? Certainly going to enjoy getting to know this paper better in the coming weeks…particularly if it means I have to slow down a little to get achieve my usual level of control (which is always not really in control - more living dangerously, taking risks and inviting 'happy accidents')

This is a wonderful crazy house in my local area that I have been wanting to sketch for AGES! Glad I finally started to sketch it… of course, knowing me, I hope you all realise that I want to do it again… and again and again. If I find a new subject I want to get the most out of the fun!

Well.. I am pleased for two reasons
1. My chocolate bilby (named George of course) has survived Easter
2. Bilbies are in the news big time this easter thanks to the Royal Visit and Prince George having a bibly named after him… George is now going to be THE name for Bilbies.
3. make it 3 reasons… this is a VERY impressive bilby… by far the best shaped chocolate bilby I have ever had…

Not sure I am happy with these sketches but last night I just had to do SOMETHING in case I have an urge to eat chocolate…anyway he is still standing!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Sketching in Surry Hills

A totally stunning still autumn day in Sydney was perfect for exploring Surry Hills with my sketching friend Chris.

Today was a challenge day - trying different things and giving ourselves time restraints. My challenge was to use watercolour pencils... and waterbrush... but it didn't take long for me to use paint and my sable brushes with water.

Funnily enough the most successful quick sketch was the first one that I did that actually stick to my guidelines (above)...

and also my second attempt that was just paint with waterbrush (no lines at all)

and my favourite bit of the whole day was the tree in the second last sketch which was a combination of WC pencil, pen and paint.

Anyway here is the full collection

Do I ever get tired of sketching tea cups?

….hmmm, doesn't look like it does it?

This was a wind down from a big week cuppa sketch late on Saturday evening… and I was trying to make ever stroke count (that there are still a few random brush strokes that I wasn't totally focused on). I got a little carried away using Buff Titanium paint- an beautiful opaque cream Daniel Smith paint that used to be in my palette years ago but have only recently put back to re-test (in honour of my friend Jane Blundell who is a buff fan!) I am trying to work out what this tea looks like- certainly not at all like the transparent chinese herbal sleep tea I was drinking… it looks more like I added milk to a herbal tea (I shudder at the thought!)

Making every stroke count is something that is on my mind a bit lately… I will share more later… right now it is MOnday morning- a beautiful fresh autumn day and I am going out sketching….
Happy Monday!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

A non sketchcrawl sketchcrawl?

Today was an international sketchcrawl but there wasn't a formal Sydney event …. and today I didn't really feel up to do any serious sketching…

But I sketch so regularly that it is almost a reflex action even on 'down days'! (especially when I am having tea and scones with a friend- non stop talking and the sketch just seemed to happen) And because it was a little strange not to have a big sketching day I did a few very quick very loose very wet vertical slices of my day….

Looking forward to be usual day of rest(from work and sketching), my day of workshop  tomorrow (I don't observe Easter as anything different from the Lords Day every week!)

And on Monday I will sketch this little fellow - the nicest easter bilby I have ever met!

Friday, April 18, 2014

The start of Easter 2014

Late night sketch as a 'brain dump'. The pattern on this saucer is so complex that I have to really slow down to attempt it…
I am getting so used to just painting (rather than drawing ink lines first) that I am finding the lines a real restraint to my use of paint… wanted to achieve a real loose relationship between line and colour here…and try to slow down my crazy brain which has been in hyperdrive lately…

The weekly USK Flickr theme is unusual vehicles… this isn't quite a vehicle in its own right(especially when it is parked on its own like this) but certainly is one of its kind. The trailer that my dad made for his lawn mowing business(in retirement) I used to think it was more like a lions cage. I need to sketch inside it one day as well. Was nice to sit and sketch it at the end of a lovely but very busy and noisy family day. A nice way to wind down after being with all our  fun excitable little family members!

Each year I buy a chocolate Bilby and sketch it (Bilby is a native Australian marsupial- more like a cross between a kangaroo and a rat than a rabbit…still very cute)Tomorrow I am going to see if I can find a better option than this cadbury one. Must be the architect in me… but I always seem to prefer to draw things in a state of whole-ness…. but sadly this was already broken (broken of course = half consumed!) Not really that happy with this painting… but a little CTL always makes me smile (CTL = Cobalt Turquoise Light!)
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