Tweaking my palette again

April 11, 2014 | Leave your thoughts

I don’t post my first-page palette sketch every time… but this one was fun! No lines …correction, I painted the shadows of the pans first so that was a line.

I am very happy with my palette these days but I still do the odd tweaks… for those that are interested….
– the green half pan changes a little- green apatite at the moment, earlier in the year it was perylene green.
– using a colour I used to have in my palette 3 years ago in honour of my great friend Jane Blundell… Buff titanium. (I took imperial purple out for this. IP was a ‘convenience mix’ to save time ie. it is made up of 2 pigments I already have in my palette)
– last month I was using Sodalite. This was for 2 reasons.  it was in honour of Paul Wang‘s visit (a colour he uses) and I didn’t have time to premix my ‘steels grey’!

Ah! I did like Sodalite but it is nice to have Steels Grey back! (Steels grey is my own version of a classic mix of French Ultramarine and Burnt Sienna – I got this idea from Jane who has a ‘Jane’s grey’ in her palette)

A word on the numbering of my sketchbooks. I only number my daily sketchbooks – my travel sketchbooks (of which I have over 40!) are treated separately.

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