Trip Prep: Testing my workflow

June 13, 2016 | 7 Comments

This trip I would very much like to keep up the posts here on the blog – not daily, but every few days. So this morning I tested what is involved in downloading and resizing images from my two cameras, iphone and snapchat screen captures to see what is involved and what the quality is like (especially relevant to the snapchat screen grabs).

I also don’t use my laptop much so I find it very hard to get used to a tiny screen as opposed to my two monster displays of my desktop. Its also important to check that I have everything I need on it (apps and photoshop actions etc).

So anyway, here goes a travel style approach to my last few days – starting with two decaf caps.

Just for the record I have practically eliminated caffeine during the last week with the exception of the odd green tea… and its all ok. I can live without earl grey tea as there are so many tea options, but decaf coffee is a bit sad!

Friday Snapchat: drawing the tower of Town Hall and my peppermint tea. This filming, talking and controlling what I am sketching isn’t getting much easier! It’s insane but highly addictive.

Here is my wonky sketch!

Saturday Snapchat: Sharing my reading of a very serious Palladio book and getting exciting about intercolumniation. More about this later – I promise.

Saturday evening Snapchat: Getting my ink supplies ready and deciding on my pens. The Falcon is staying home. Full details will be revealed later. For more about travelling with ink go to my Fountain Pen Series – Part 3.  Or this blog post in my ink section (in sketching tools).

These weren’t the best quality snaps to start with but hope the quality is ok here on the blog. Of course Snaps from Italy will look better!

And finally a better photo than what I shared on Snapchat showing my Palladio book collection. I am trying to find a Palladio guidebook I think I purchased years ago.

Ok, this blog post has taken me 40mins start to finish. If I can keep it within the 30min mark I think it is sustainable while I am travelling.

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  • melinda mcnutt says:

    Since you will be on a long trip I assume you pack your bottle(s) of ink and cleaning supplies for the ride. Do you do anything special? Carryon? I only found the one answer to a question about leaking on your link.

    • Liz Steel says:

      hi Melinda – just added the direct link and how to find it in future.
      It is also the last question in Part 3 and linked above (with Brian’s videos)

  • Joanna Guglielmino says:

    Since I am dreaming of joining you in Veneto, can you recommend a “beginners” introduction to Palladio? Thanks, Joanna

  • jeanette gillings says:

    the chocolate powder on your cappuccino’s looks so real!

  • Carol says:

    How about hot chocolate instead of decaf? My favorite!

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