Trip Prep: Workshop Handouts and 6 month wrap-up

June 14, 2016 | 5 Comments

The countdown is on for me as I prepare for my big trip and I have four different workshops in my head at the moment:

The latter two are in the planning stage and I will be creating examples for both, as well as developing the teaching content while I am travelling. But the first two are happening soon and so I need them fully prepared – including my folder of examples and handouts.

Note: I am not taking the 50 handouts of the symposium workshop with me but will find somewhere in Manchester to print them out and the Palladio sketch is an example that I will explain in the workshop… and well, I just had to sneak a Palladio sketch into this post didn’t I?

I still have heaps of admin work to do before I leave but printing these handouts marks the last project work for this financial year so… I am feeling a bit reflective.

It has been an incredible 6 months and I can hardly believe that I am at the end of what seemed impossible at the start of the year. I honestly didn’t know how I would get it all done, so I’m now feeling incredibly thankful that more or less I ticked everything off – to some degree!

So I just feel like making a list (with links to for more info) of some highlights:

  • Writing a book – just finishing off a few last details with the publisher and hope to share more really soon.
  • The big upgrade and re-design of my blog – this was a massive 3 month project and has been a game changer for me in many ways. Still much still to do in my archives but the new structure is working a treat!
  • Re-launching SketchingNow Edges in a self-directed format – the content in this course is very special to me and it was great to make this available again. I will be starting the Exploring Edges series again when I can make it the focus.
  • Sticking to a few regular features on my blog – Foundations Friday and my Last Week wrap-ups.
  • Managing to maintain my publishing goal of 5-6 new articles a week throughout this busy period.
  • Keeping up my regular morning cafe planning sessions and use of a paper planner which has been very instrumental in helping me to do.
  • Announcing SketchingNow Buildings – this is what I have been building up to (pardon the pun) for the last 18 months. I didn’t get quite as much done before the trip as I’d hoped but I have got a fair bit chunk started – enough to be able to make the most of the clear thinking time I will have while travelling and sketching. I have reached the stage where I really want to start generating new sketches for the course! Yay – I’m so super excited about Buildings.
  • Palladian Odyssey launched. Mike and I have been working on this for ages so exciting to think the location planning stage is just around the corner.
  • Urban Sketchers Sydney Sketchmeet – massive thanks to Chris, Chantal and the USK SYD team for taking over the organisation of this great event and not allowing me to help out. They did an amazing job!
  • A few sketching workshops in March in Melbourne and Sydney… which involved a very busy trip to Melbourne.
  • Finishing up with the start of architects sketching workshops – something I have been longing to do for ages.
  • And of course getting ready for my big 8 week trip and teaching at the USK symposium again!

So as you can see it’s been big!

Thanks so much to you for joining me on this incredible journey, and I look forward to sharing my next journey, the big Europe16 trip, with you!



  • Ania Drozd says:

    so many things accomplished in such a short period of time – well done! Exciting news about book!
    You need a looooong holiday Liz 🙂

  • Marianne Camps says:

    Dear Liz,
    Wow, it sure feels good when you can tick off the majority of tasks, doesn’t it?

    The end of May I enrolled in your Foundations Course. I’m thrilled to bits with it.
    It also meant my buying a Safari fountain pen. I’m so delighted with it both for drawing and writing that it totally slipped my mind that I’m supposed to explore the rest of my kit too! So I haven’t gotten around to my charcoal pencils, my gouache nor my watercolours.
    Hence, I’m still at lesson 1, lol. But don’t worry, I’ll keep at it, I promise.

    Anyway have a wonderful and safe journey.

    Greetings from Marianne in the Netherlands

    • Liz Steel says:

      oh thanks so much Marianne! I had a laugh about getting stuck exploring your pen. No rush…just enjoy the journey.

  • Mickie Dann says:

    After not being able to get on your Manchester USK workshop as fully booked on first morning online, can’t believe you are soon going to Lucca! I was there 3 weeks back when we travelled to Italy, Cinque Terre, in our camper van. Even said to my husband what a brilliant place it would be to sketch, and had no idea you would be going there soon! Hope you get a chance to ride a bike or walk around the walls too. Takes less than an hour to cycle round and many places to hire a bike. Expect you will see the tower with the trees growing on top-amazing sight! Views of cathedral from square will take your breath away! But having a glimpse of your prep notes guess you have either been before, or know all this!
    Have followed your blogs,website etc from way back and did your first online course. Very pleased you are having the success you deserve after leaving your previous position, as you have done so much to encourage us all.
    I seem doomed to be in right place at wrong time when wanting to get on one of your “real life” courses!
    Hope you have a wonderful trip to Europe- and we will meet one of these days!

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