Trip Prep: Fresh Paint, New adventures

February 25, 2016 | Leave your thoughts

Ah! That time again. Filling up my palette for an upcoming trip. Heading to Melbourne tomorrow for a workshop and demo for Victoria Watercolor Society and then my own 2 day Sketching Architecture workshop.

And as much sketching for me as I can fit in.

It goes without saying that I won’t have much spare time, so my blog will be quiet for the next little while. Please follow my adventures on Instagram or Facebook (which will mirror my IG feed).

But don’t worry, I will share it all when I get back!

And oh today… had a quick morning sketch session with Luis at Clarke’s Point Woolwich. I managed to do two sketches for my book (in addition to the one I am sharing) so it was a successful morning.

Not sure if he will still be here when I return. If not – safe travels my friend!

Make sure you follow Luis’s adventures – he has been traveling and sketching the world for 4 years now and still has lots to explore.

See you all around soon!

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