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March 8, 2016 | 50 Comments


Welcome to my re-designed blog!!

I am super excited that after a long time of dreaming, planning and finally implementing my ideas of what I wanted my blog to become… it is now here! Yay!!!

So here is a summary of some features of the new design:

  • My blog has moved from Blogger to WordPress. I am still working out all the implications (checking links still work, RSS feeds etc)
  • A cleaner, fresher look, with the images taking centre stage
  • Bigger images!
  • Sticking with a traditional blog feel but redesigning the homepage with summaries, rather than posts in full, so that you can more easily see what I have written about lately. I did review a lot of interesting new formats but am very happy with the final result.
  • The palette strip at the top has been moved to the sidebar (a big decision!) so that I can more easily update it. So for all you palette junkies, you can now easily check up on my latest selections.
  • An expanded Sketching Tools section. I am super excited about this and will be adding more details to the various sections over the next few months.
  • An Architecture Sketching section that incorporates the more detailed articles I wrote on my separate “Sketching Architecture“ blog which I haven’t been able to maintain lately. This part of my blog I plan to develop further this year.
  • A Portfolio section – so you more easily see a selection of my work. Ah! so many teacups in the one place – and there are a lot more that I could add as well!
  • And finally… drum roll please… an Archives section! This is the part of the blog I will be working on during the next few months so that I can pull together a lot of valuable content that has been lost in old posts.

You all know that I am an obsessive blogger, and as I wrote last month here, I have been taking it very seriously in the last few years. Engaging a graphic designer to put together my site with the features I wanted was a huge step, but one that really made me realise even more how much my blog is core to everything that I do. It feels great to have gotten it together properly now!

The new blog certainly reinforces my commitment to providing the best content that I can on a regular basis: Sketching my life and sharing the experience!

It is still a work in progress as I go through my old posts adding them into the relevant categories, and subsequently discovering what important sketching topics I haven’t blogged about yet! But it is just so wonderful to have the structure in place so I can continue to build and expand my blog in the future. A huge thanks to Alyce, Quan and the Matter team for helping my dreams become reality!

Thanks once again for all your support over the years – for the comments and constant encouragement to keep blogging and for just simply returning to view my sketches and rambling on a regular basis. I hope that this new design, with the new index pages, will help make my content even more accessible and helpful.

I hope you will take a look around!

PS. I have to laugh at myself a little that I do a hand markup of the new features of the blog (ah! I still have an architect’s trait of marking up and notating things!)


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