Trip Prep 08: Trying something for the 2nd time (a third is needed!)

June 10, 2011 | 1 Comment

Here is a quick sketch of a view in Murano that I really struggled with at the time. I was sitting in the hot sun and looking into it. I was SO unhappy with the painting of my sketch that I wanted to try again. Fell into the same trap tonight but it was SO good to do a complex scene – something I haven’t done for a while. Yes, I feel the need of somehow trying to get into the mood for a sketching trip…
I think that the over saturation in this sketch sums up my life at the moment… way too much happening!

Sorry for the big dump tonight… I feel like I haven’t been doing much sketching lately – what??? It is just that I am doing too many different things.


1 Comment

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