Vivid Sydney 2011

June 10, 2011 | Leave your thoughts

You know, I LOVE Sydney… Hey, I think that you do indeed know that.

For the third winter in a row, there has been a light festival called Vivid where the Opera House and other buildings are lit up and all kind of interesting light sculptures are installed around the city.

The last two years I have been disappointed with what was done with the Opera House – just abstract static images that didn’t relate to the shells ….but this year…. Constantly animated sequences mapped to the structure of the shells and the tiling patterns. Very very clever. I sat and watched for an hour as I wanted to sketch a sequence that I saw in the first 3 minutes (ie. 6:03pm) – it wasn’t repeated till 6.55pm. After half hour of waiting I started sketching and then got a bit flustered/frustrated in waiting/sketching/worrying that I would miss it etc. Night sketching is a challenge – especially in winter – ok… Sydney winter is not that cold !!

Still… It was lots of fun – and by watching for so long I really appreciated the patterns I suspect most people didn’t realise that most of the patterns were generated from the geometry of the building – as I said – VERY clever!)
I am going to do a few more pages in my book…but this is hot off the press. More tomorrow….

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