Trip2012: Day 4 - fellow Urban Sketchers start to arrive....

July 30, 2012 | 1 Comment

From the first day of my trip that I sketched with other USkers. A fun day outside the Zone (Zona Colonial) – with Daniel and Amber( fellow architects) and Miguel some nice looking modern architecture, local streets and the Malecon.

D04_MO09_01 Breakfast room
The breakfast room at Hotel Frances (only a day of so left before I check out so pressure to sketch everything!)
D04_MO09_02 Map
Combined map page of our adventures
D04_MO09_03 Museo De Arte Moderno 1
We visited the area where all the museums were- pity they were all closed on Monday! However we all enjoted sketching the outside of the Museo De Arte Moderno
D04_MO09_04 Museo De Arte Moderno 2
D04_MO09_05 Museo De Arte Moderno 3
D04_MO09_06 Dominican Food!
First meal of Dominician food- beans and rice!
D04_MO09_07 The Caribbean Sea!
Down to the ocean- the Malecon
D04_MO09_08 The Malecon
D04_MO09_09 Hospital Nicolas de Bari
Hospital Nicolas de Bari runis – quick sketch before meeting up for dinner
D04_MO09_10 First social dinner

1 Comment

  • BJR says:

    I am enjoying each and every one of the sketches from your trip to the Dominica. I was looking forward to them…and now I'm enjoying!! Thanks. BJR

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