Trip 12 - Day 5 - Getting to the beach (among other things!)

July 31, 2012 | Leave your thoughts

D05_TU10_01 Medio Pollo Coffee
The day before the day before! The city was coming alive with sketchers…. very exciting.
However, I had the most wonderful afternoon out of the city- with an Australian friend and 2 Dominican boys – at the beach. This included waiting 2 hours at my hotel (getting used to Dominican time!) which was just the best time as it gave me a chance to do some more sketches.
D05_TU10_02 Parque Duarte
D05_TU10_03 2 Hr wait at Hotel Frances sketch 1
D05_TU10_04 2 Hr wait at Hotel Frances sketch 2
D05_TU10_05 2 Hr wait at Hotel Frances sketch 3
D05_TU10_06 Juan Dolio the beach
D05_TU10_07 Juan Dolio looking back
D05_TU10_08 Local driving
D05_TU10_09 Fish soup
Here ends Volume 1 of my sketchbooks.

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