Trip2012: Day 11 - Final Day in Santo Domingo

August 7, 2012 | Leave your thoughts

D11_MO16_01 Breakfast
A sign of how crazy and social the whole symosium thing is, and staying at the most populated hotel… that I hadn’t sketched my breakfast. The last morning (Monday) no one was around when I came down…so of course I sketched my food!
D11_MO16_02 Mercado Modelo Front Steps

Really wonderful morning at the markets with a large group of remnant USKers. This place was somewhat crazy…and I think this is reflected in my sketches. REALLY enjoyed sketching these and in great company.
The symposium is amazing but in many ways these sketching outings with a smaller group before or after are real highlights for me!
D11_MO16_03 Mercado Detail
D11_MO16_04 From the Mercado steps
D11_MO16_05 On the mercado steps

And now for the final batch of sketches from Santo Domingo… from my last afternoon when I was TOTALLY out of control… sketching like a mad woman… the only exception was when I was being still so that Lapin could draw me.

I got a little desperate as I hadn’t sketched a few of my favourite spots… so of course I tried to sketch them all.
D11_MO16_06 Farewell Lunch
Farewell Lunch

D11_MO16_07 Last panic sketches_The gate
Last panic sketches_The gate

D11_MO16_08 Panteon

D11_MO16_09 Iglesia de la Altagracia
Iglesia de la Altagracia

D11_MO16_10 Calle Hostos
Calle Hostos

D11_MO16_11 Final dinner
Final dinner

D11_MO16_12 Back-ish Page
Back-ish Page – not the actual back page but getting towards the end

D11_MO16_13 Final Day map (extra page - I ran out of pages and this is on a loose sheet stuck in)
Final Day map (extra page)

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