Trip2012: Day 9 - Symposium Day 3

August 6, 2012 | Leave your thoughts

 Pages from the third and final day of the symposium

View from up the front – I was up the front for the panel discussion… most of the interesting bits were said from the floor.

For the final workshop session I choose to do Swasky and Freekhands – What is behind an onion. It was a wonderful contrast to our architecture workshop which was about constructing perspective space.

This sketch is not finished and I am not sure how successful it would have been…however it is really important as I really grasped the concept of the workshop… and it is a completely different way of seeing a scene to the usual architect set up perspective lines of the space, that I normally see in my mind.

one of my crazy, why did I bother to attempt this when I am tired, hungry and talking nonstop, type of sketches!…and next the sketch crawl….

The main facade of the cathedral… I needed to do one more sketch there after our 3 workshops! I turned up and in the corner Frank was sketching as well (though he was sketching on his ipad) Cathedral Santa Maria La Menor- Santo Domingo



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