The end of an era

June 21, 2013 | Leave your thoughts

Bit of a crazy visit to T2 today – very busy with customers, lots of old staff visiting (so great to seem them again) manager from Melbourne and trying to catch up with my own very good friend, signing cards (I printed out some of my sketches for the staff) … and somehow trying to do a sketch which is the start of my BCN sketchbook.

Once again such a special thankyou to these wonderful people who have served me tea over the years and done SO much to make every visit special. Just loved that place and those people! thanks !!!

It is sad that it is closing but glad that Hornsby T2 Teahouse is still open for a little longer so I still have somewhere to go on special occasions. Some many wonderful things have happened to my art through coming here and sketching regularly… it has been my remote office and studio. I don’t think it has sunk in yet what I am losing… but as this is a big year of change for me, I can and will move on (and save myself a lot of money and calories!!) I know that my love and attachment to this place is felt by MANY other regular customers who have been there many more times than me. I did a quick guessimate from my flickr set and think that I have been and sketched there 130 times in 5 years..and only on one occasion did I not sketch anything (the recent BCN catchup with Alissa and Chris). That is a lot less visits than most coffee drinkers visiting their favourite cafe!

And just for the record I didn’t cry this afternoon… though I am just a wee bit teary writing this!

Thank you to all those that left a comment or sent me an email. Sorry if I haven’t replied but your messages were wonderful. I printed them out with my sketches down the side… very special gift to be able to pass on- thankyou!

Here is the link to my Flickr set

I will post my last sketch from T2 Teahouse at Macquarie Centre later….

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