Time to make BCN palette decisions!!!!

June 20, 2013 | Leave your thoughts

Well here it is – kinda…. – this is my final test palette for BCN. I have never been so disorganised before a major trip… the fact that my paint colours are still floating around is incredible (normally at this stage the pans are poured and the set is waiting to go)

There are still a few minor tweaks I am exploring… but as per previous posts I have decided that since BCN is such a colourful city ( all those mosaics of Gaudi and others) I have decided to include a few more convenience mixes in there- 2 greens again. Wow.

The most important colour in there is Steel’s grey. The concept of this is from Jane Blundell who has her own “jane’s grey” (and has also been wonderful in suggesting new ideas to me!) Mine is a mixture of WN Cobalt Deep Blue with a little bit of DS Quin Burnt Orange. Having it pre-mixed is wonderful and it seems to separate and granulate as well premixed as it does mixed freshly… plus I have mixed it up in the shade I like best.

Just hoping I get a chance to play with it and make the final decisions in the next week or so. SO close now.

Ok… time to get a days work done this morning!

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