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June 22, 2013 | Leave your thoughts

Another one of my random ‘at home’ pages….trying to get enough energy to sew and do a whole lot of trip prep today…not sure my action list will get completed today but it has been nice sewing my summer dress on a wet wintery day whilst listening to some inspiring Spanish music!

No matter what the situation in my life, I always seem to leave sewing a new dress to the 3 week mark (ie. 3 weeks before I leave)… this year I am still sewing at the 2 week, well the less than 2 week mark to be exact!
And yes, another BCN architecture doodle…

from yesterday

Friday …My warmup sketch for the day… not surprising the image I choose was from a BCN book that is lying around… not long to go now!
You can see that I am playing with my colours….trying to make my final decisions. It is SO out of character to be still deciding!!!

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