Testing out new paper with a Baroque sketch

December 11, 2012 | Leave your thoughts

Life has been a little crazy lately so I haven’t had time to post here as much as I would like to… but of course I have still been sketching a lot of architectural subjects during the week – of course you will find more activity over at www.lizsteel.com (as long as you don’t mind getting a lot of tea cup sketches as well)

I am cross posting this sketch from last night over here for the simple fact that when I wanted to really test some new paper designed for ink and wash (read all about the upcoming Zeta paper from Stillman and Birn here) I just HAD to have a go at a Baroque facade.

The very simple divisions of Borromini’s San Carlino (3 bays across, and 2 storeys) and the lovely combination of concave and convex curves and the crazy decoration is just perfect for allowing my hand to do its own thing and find its own way over the smooth (oh! so smooth) surface of the the Zeta paper)

And then of course I splashed some paint on!

I am definitely committed to posting more regularly here in the new year! Seriously! I mean it this time!!!

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