Getting Ready

December 17, 2012 | Leave your thoughts

It is time again… yes, getting ready for my summer holidays.

A few comments…
-Sitting down and slowly doing this sketch has been very therapeutic and of course helpful… I might not take everything here and I am definitely NOT going to have all this stuff as my daily kit…but good to get together everything I might need and you can see that I adjusted my kit during the process (too many flat brushes?)
-I have been meaning to experiment with using markers and watercolour in the one book and have found some old recycled photocopy paper that I intend to use for marker sketches and collage in to my page. Just got to be careful NOT to touch up after it is stuck on the page of my sketchbook as it will bleed through.
-Yes, I am going to be using the A4 moleskine and therefore have been able to spread out more AND include a visit to T2 on the same spread.
-What am I missing? You might not be able to tell what everything is but I know and I find previous versions of this sketch including useful to refer to.
-I might add more watercolour to this sketch… but this is the status so far.

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