Live Version of Teacups - starting 15 May 2024

May 3, 2024 | Leave your thoughts

As mentioned last week…

I’m hosting a Live Version of my Teacups course starting Wednesday 15 May.

Over four weeks you’ll be able to work through the lessons with an inspiring cohort of sketchers from around the world.

In addition, there will be three bonus livestreams where I’ll do extra demos and review selected work from the classroom. These livestreams will also be a chance for you to ask me questions in real-time and hang out with others doing the course.

The first run of Teacups last year was a truly wonderful event so I’m extremely happy to be going through the course again.

“This was my very first course of yours, Liz, and I could not be more pleased. I loved how that apparently narrow focus led us to explore a wealth of concepts and a great amount of techniques, too. Re-visiting a subject several times is sure to lead to new discoveries and significant improvements.

I am about to sign up for more of your classes; I loved the live component of this one and the support and encouragement I got from fellow students. Having an actual homework schedule kept me motivated and stimulated.”

– Laura

In the Teacups course you’ll learn to:

  • apply the core concepts drawn from my Foundations and Watercolour courses specifically to teacups
  • draw ellipses with confidence but not worry about being too perfect
  • increase your control of water – whether using a precise style or working looser and taking risks
  • learn how to simplify teacup patterns
  • paint them in lively vibrant watercolour washes with lots of pigment parties!

Find out more about the course


If you purchased the Teacups course last year you can be part of this Live Version for free – simply go to the Teacups classroom and you’ll find the details there.


If you are wondering “why sketch teacups?” here are a few articles that explain why teacups are so special!

I hope you’ll join this Live Version of Teacups! It’s the only Live Version I’m doing for the next number of months so if you want to do a super interactive course to get your sketching flow happening please check it out here.

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