Teacup collection 30-32

June 9, 2020 | 5 Comments

I’ve been struggling to find time to sketch teacups lately… but here are the few which I have sketched during lockdown!


Teacup 32: 1980s Holyrood from Royal Albert 100 years set

I think I’ve only sketched this cup twice before. The last time was four years ago – see here.

For those of you doing the SketchingNow Edges Course Refresher at the moment… Can you see the edges describing changes in plane vs the changes in colour, my hard vs soft edges and also my lost and found edges? <

It’s so much fun to take risks with wet in wet when I sketch teacups. Achieving a similar result when I’m sketching buildings or urban scenes is much harder.



Teacup 31: T2 Monochrome Maze – Diamond

My two lockdown cups from April and May – the ones I have been using the most. A blue ‘Porto’ cup for my morning coffee and a geometric black and white cup for tea called Monochrome Maze: Diamond. Both from @t2tea

Both of these sketches were done really quickly while drinking my hot beverage. The black and white cup sketch was all about how loosely I could sketch it and watching what happens when I put a watery wash over white gouache!


Teacup 30: Ashdene Jardin Peony

A really quick morning sketch of a lovely teacup which was a gift from @theteacentre

I did this sketch while sipping The Tea Centre’s wonderful Miss Grey tea – tea which I bought to take to Italy with my this year.




  • I like the lost dges you’ve achieved with your tea cups. I am in your Foundations course now, and am starting to understand how to include these in my own sketches. I have a question about your courses. When it says “self-directed” does that mean that we go through the course without any interaction with you? After completing the Foundations course, I hoped to take one of your watercolor courses, but I’m not sure which to take. The videos and instructions have been very helpful. You’ve broken things down step by step in a way that makes sense to me. Thank you!

    • Liz Steel says:

      Hi Maria – great to hear that you are enjoying Foundations. Yes, self-directed means that you can work through the course whenever you want, but I’m always available for questions (just add them in the question section for every lesson). You can also go through the course when I’m hosting a group run-through and that way you can be part of a great supportive group.
      The most logical course to do after Foundations is Watercolour, but the more intermediate course Watercolour On Location is returning, so it would be a good time to sign up for that.

      • Thanks, Liz. I have been using watercolor for awhile, but could always use tips for improvement! I’ll watch for the opening of the Watercolor On Location course. I feel that I’m learning.

  • Of all the variety of your sketching and explorations of art, your tea cups remain my absolute favorites. Thank you for each of them — Blessings to you!

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