Last week: Getting out more

June 12, 2020 | 3 Comments

Last week I had a scheduled break from posting. I’m transitioning between a number of projects that overlap (no break between projects, just as in my days as an architect!) and it was nice to actually have a long weekend with no work. It turned out that pausing my posts was a good thing to do for other reasons too.

Here in Australia the virus is remarkably under control and in NSW we had no new locally acquired cases last week. I’m still being cautious and trying to avoid popular spots and busy times at the supermarket etc but I have been sketching out on location more and more.

It’s hard to put in words how wonderful it is to be urban sketching again – drawing and painting spaces and buildings while surrounded by life (passing cars and people). I’ve managed to enjoy sketching from photos as part of my virtual trip (which is still happening behind the scenes) but oh! it’s so much nicer to be in front of a building. In fact, I’m finding it easier to sketch from life as I don’t have to hunt for suitable photos – the scene is just right there in front of me.

I’m also realising how much I like being in my own bubble while surrounded by busyness. And the occasional chat with locals is something I’ve missed a lot too.

I’ve begun to actively hunt for some new sketching spots in my local area. I have lived in Lindfield for three years now but I’ve hardly sketched it at all. However, since our lockdown restrictions have eased, I’ve become a bit obsessed with sketching the landmark Spanish mission building in my suburb (it’s definitely the SOH of Lindfield!)

But of course, I still don’t get out to sketch as much as I would like! On my home days I’m currently very reliant on frames to help the design of my sketchbook spreads especially when my sketches are simple or messy. See these articles for more details.

My everyday sketchbook is not about making masterpieces, it’s just about documenting my life and keeping up the practice of observational sketching from life. And I’m happy with what I’ve been able to produce lately.

Here is a selection of my recent pages.

Recording the fact that I was leaving Umbria in my Virtual Trip

… and heading to the Veneto.

Quick line drawing of the Spanish Mission building (while drinking a takeaway coffee)

Coffee cup and fleece lined hoodie… the same colours? In my sketchbook they are!

Family skype call.

Finding some shoes in the back of my wardrobe.

Blue-light blocking glasses and wearing them while I sketched.

Another sketch of that building, but I didn’t have a brush with me so I used my fude pen, a stick and a leaf.

Discovering things in my everyday bag (which I stopped using during lockdown) that I had forgotten about!

Another version of that building!

Being social – takeaway from Goodfields Eatery and then sitting in the sun on the stone wall of a local church.

The weirdest thing about sketching on location again was the difference in the balance of a shortened dagger brush.

Testing out Gray Titanium (rather than Buff) in my everyday kit

That building again – this time I filmed a demo for Foundations.

Drawing people – first time since 13 March. I was SO out of practice!

First cafe visit and coffee art since 13 March.

I’m happy that there is a new barista who is tall!

A beautiful garden that I intend to visit more.

2am-5am zoom conference for USK instructors (the joys of being on other side of the world). I did these crazy sketches as a way of keeping myself awake!

First visit back to Cafe Feoh since March – lots of people but the tables are separated and it’s outside.

Recording the start of the Village Green project – and yes! this is the back of that building.

Aunty Liz was very happy to be a prisoner and stay trapped on ‘the pirate ship.’

A local church and trying some new techniques for 30×30.

A big tidy up

Sitting outside of the cafe and sketching Bill as part of the 30×30 challenge. Bill allowed us to draw him as part of the Oneweek100people challenge. How much has changed between these two challenges.

Are your lockdown restrictions lifting? Are you able to get out sketching on location again?



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