TasTrip14: Final Hobart Sketches

June 16, 2014 | Leave your thoughts

 Last two (sketching) days in Hobart included a leisurely Friday (???) and my one day workshop at TMAG.

Friday: was meeting Jane (who was down from Sydney)  and sharing in her birthday lunch but before(and after) I snuck in a few sketches (surprise surprise!)

A tearoom that I had spotted eariler in the week – Pollen Tearoom in Battery Point and a really special building – St Georges Battery Point – another John Lee Archer church.
On previous visits I have had a mission to track down every JL Archer and every James Blackburn building that I can! Sadly I couldn’t do that again this trip… maybe next time.
BTW the tea and the healthy snack were amazing!

Time for one more sketch before lunch… it was important to do a verison of Arthur’s Circus ‘just for me’. This was the subject matter for the painting I donated to Emmanuel School for auction… and I wanted a version in my sketchbook. Didn’t fit as many of the cottages as I wanted on the page … but this version was free and spontaneous and highly enjoyable.

Lunch with Jane at Smolt. Stunning lunch and amazing staff… sadly because I was sketching (leaving the flame to the end) and we were talking, Jane forgot to blow the candle out…and the cake caught on fire!

The evening was approaching – the cold setting in quickly and the light was fading but I tried to do one more sketch (I was freezing by the end). There is that yucky texture again of the new moleskine paper.(full review will come I promise!)

Saturday: two pages from the workshop. It was freezing cold and yet I attempted a demo outside!

And a final quick sketch of the crazy staircase in TMAG at the end of the workshop with watercolour added later.

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