TasTrip14: Day in Richmond

June 16, 2014 | Leave your thoughts

On the Monday before my workshops I had a day trip with some sketching ‘just for me’. There was very little of this during my 2.5weeks in Tasmania – so the days that I had just for fun were special.
I started with some tea and scones with jam and cream!

Time to get out and do some serious sketching … so I found a comfy bench on the street and sketched the most iconic shop in the town. Last time I sat on a bench directly opposite so this time I challenged myself wiht a more oblique view and to give a sense of being in Richmond.

After showing my sketch to the staff of the shop opposite and wandering the streets a little,  it was time for lunch at Ashmore cafe (which I had just sketched) and another sketch of a iconic shop – the Woodcraft shop.

Without really planning it, I ended up sketching the same things on the next spread as I did 6 years ago. St Lukes church by John Lee Archer and the famous bridge. I sketched from the ‘wrong’ side due to the light (the iconic photos of Richmond are normally taken from the other side of the bridge with the church spire in the background.

Just for comparison here are the sketches I did last trip…. I think the comparison is very interesting. Architect vs painter?

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