TasTrip14: More Hobart Sketches

June 16, 2014 | Leave your thoughts

Here are my sketches that I did in Hobart in between my Urban Sketchers event and workshops at Emmanuel Christian School.

First: USK Event at Hunters St Wharf on Saturday 24th May. I arrived early to start a sketch before everyone turned up. This sketch is of the lovely buildings along the wharf. Part of the Henry Jones IXL Jam Factory.

It was one of those USK events when I do more chatting than sketching but I did manage a sketch of the view looking towards Mt Wellington. I was struggling with the new moleskine textured paper a bit (and a certain degree of distraction as well). The light kept changing as well – one of the things I love about Hobart but sometimes a little frustrating when you are sketching.

Was a lovely still day and it was great that we were about to be outside as much as we were.  I love the way Mures stands out from the city behind!

Tuesday 27 May

I taught two 3.5 hour workshops at Emmanuel with about 20 people in both. The morning session was 9.30-1.00pm and the evening was 6.00-9.30pm. So although a LOT of fun it was a huge day…and in between the two workshops it wasn’t worth me going back to where I was now staying (more soon about where I was)… so I headed to Battery Point.

I think Battery Point is my favourite part of Hobart (an obvious thing to write…but it is very special) I was in need of some chill time so I just headed to Jackman and McRoss for lunch and a sketch of the cottages of BP with Mt Wellington in the background.

Please note: I sketched more healthy soup than cakes this trip!

Wednesday 28 May

I taught a workshop to 40 high student art students which was so much fun and not surprisingly a  little tiring!

So on my way back to ‘home’ decided to stop at the Botanic Gardens for a wind-down sketch but as it had just rained heavily everything was too wet. So in the end I did a simple sketch of the view from the carpark.

I have been longing to do some landscape sketches for a long time so this one hit the spot. (For those of you that read my notes: I was also sad about hearing of the passing away of one of my old architectural clients – a special man that I did work for for nearly 18 years. )

Thursday 29 May

I was staying with my very good friend Ruth and her wonderful family. They live up in the hills above Hobart. I was hoping to have a rest day this day and do a few sketches in the area. But sadly, I had to rest more fully – a day in bed with a headache! So all I managed late in the day was a sketch of my new tea cup and flowers that I was given as a thank you by Emmanuel School. Another occasion when I was struggling at the time with the new paper.


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