Day 15 - Edinburgh

November 23, 2009 | Leave your thoughts

Day15_01 Summary
Are you getting sick of all my travel sketchbook posts yet? We are not yet at the half way mark – I am still plugging away…it is such a huge task to scan and post it all!
I must say that I did enjoy sketching my breakfast every couple of days…
Day15_02 Edinburgh Church
I was determined to do a quick sketch of this church which I had passed the day before – it looked familiar… I kinda knew that I didn’t know the architect but didn’t take me long to realise that it is used in the BBC version of Elizabeth Gaskells North and South (which I love)… So of course I had to draw it. On the right is sketches from lunch a bit out of order!
Day15_03 Eteaket Tearoom Again!
I had had such an amazing time at Eteaket the day before – that I just had to go back… Can you tell I am in my element in this place?
Borromini with Rachel Henderson
This is very exciting – Borromini got to meet a Scottish knitting guru! Her name is Rachel Henderson and she is a friend of my sister and while I was in Scotland had a lovely article on her in the weekend paper magazine. She helped me buy some wool in order to knit a Scottish thistle tea cosy – I have a bit of an idea but haven’t started yet.
Day15_04 Purchases
Next I did a bit of shopping…I actually drew these late at night and coloured at 5am since woke up and knew I wasn’t going to get back to sleep. I was determined to make these neat sketches – as a result of my meeting up with Stuart Kerr and being so taken with his confident linework… But more of that next…
Day15_05 Grassmarket
It was very exciting to meet up with another Urban Sketcher correspondent, Stuart Kerr. What better way than to ‘warm up’ by sketching while I waited. It is also an easy way to be spotted. After only 10 minutes someone walked past and said “Are you Liz” …so this is a far as I got!
Day15_06 Sketching with Stuart Kerr 01
After a lot of chatting we settled down to draw one of Edinburgh’s amazing little alleyways. After doing a lot of solo sketching is it quite hard to chat and sketch at the same time – I was so unhappy with this at the time as it was so badly inaccurate!
Day15_07 Sketching with Stuart Kerr 02
I turned the page and had another attempt…
Sketching with Stuart
A lovely contrast with Wil’s work – both of them use Moleskine sketchbooks but their work is completely different. The confidence of Stu’s linework blew me away and it was wonderful to see a dip pen in action. I would really like to try that.
Borromini and Stuarts sketch
This is the last we saw of Stu’s sketch – the final version is here
cockburn st south
Day15_08 Eteaket yet again!!!!
And then to finish off my day, before I went to friends place for dinner, what else was there for me to do but have a cuppa – and visit my fav tearoom for the third time in 1.5 days! (I was also freezing cold and need a warm place to shelter!)

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