Sketching the ships across at garden Island

August 25, 2012 | 2 Comments

120825_03 Garden Island Ships120825_04 Garden Island Ships120825_05 Garden Island ShipsExperimentation in my ‘working sketchbook’ today… hope you can read my notes for all the fun things going on in my head today…It is quite fun to use my sketchbook for thinking and planning a sketch rather than actually trying to produce a ‘good sketch’. I am in the mood to play and try to think differently…. 120825_01 Garden Island Ships First spread in my new moleskine… going to take a little while till I am used to the paper and format…. BTW, I enjoyed working in my rough sketchbook more today 120825_02 Art Gallery cafe peopleJust including this spread to prove to everyone that I am trying to do at least one people sketch every ‘sketching outing’


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