Being painted by Anne Watkins

August 24, 2012 | 2 Comments

Just when you thought I had done with uploads from my recent trip… I have something special to share.

For me this was like the icing on the cake – having dinner with and being painted by the wonderful Anne Watkins on my last social evening in NYC…and we had only made contact the night before via a ‘call me’ flickr comment! I had such an amazing time the whole 3 weeks… But this was a little special treat on top that I hadn’t planned for.

It was the discovery of watercolour that started me sketching regularly in a sketchbook, and as much as I love and constantly want to improve my drawing… It is painting with watercolour that is my special love! So, whenever I come across a watercolor painter I am very excited…and even more so to see them in action… And even more special when they are painting me AND then give me the originals!!! This is exactly what Anne did.

We had the most delightful dinner, wonderful food and the owners being Anne’s friends were constantly popping in on our table- even ate with us. Of course there was non stop talking and somewhere in the middle of it Anne did these amazing paintings. A few things really struck me (apart from the obvious stunning use of the white space and minimal detail!) – she uses a huge brush 40mm flat and some very watery washes. Borromini started out just as a blob of paint … And look what she did with it!!! The careful control and yet spontaneity of her brush strokes blew me away.

But of course, the best part of about all this… Was not the beautiful paintings… But a lovely time with a new ‘real life’ friend. Thanks again Anne for a great evening!

Please check out her work


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