Sketching The Incinerator

February 7, 2015 | 5 Comments

I was looking forward to today, as last month, when I was visiting this wonderful building for the first time ever, I didn’t get a chance to sketch it.  An iconic building designed by Walter Burley Griffin with a dramatic difference between its two sides.From the street level is it a low and single storey, but down the hill… wow!

Being the organiser, of today’s USK SYD event,  it was hard to find the focused time to sketch. I was hoping to get a chance to have a quiet sketch but wasn’t quite in the mood. Instead, I decided to do a quick rough glorified thumbnail sketch in my daily book. I almost left it in watercolour pencil but then decided to develop it further. Here is that first step.

And the finished version.

I had about 10 minutes to fill in at the street front, while waiting for people so did another quick sketch in a similar way. I wasn’t intending to necessarily finish it, I just wanted to have a go.

This was another even quicker sketch at the start of the day when I was constantly distracted by people turning up (silly me for trying to sketch while doing the meet and greet!). I then didn’t want to hog the table as the cafe was very busy so quickly add a few lines. No doubt you can achieve more quicker by going straight to paint!

Another super quick distracted sketch during lunch. Thanks to the wonderful manager and staff at the cafe, who were so good to us!

And photos of the sketches…

… and the sketchers.


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