My 'unplug weekend' and a new hangout cafe!

February 2, 2015 | 5 Comments

On Friday afternoon I send off a submission (for a new project!) via email and suddenly noticed the time, it was 5.30pm. Time to stop work for the week! So I quickly switched off my computer and then realised that the Friday afternoon shutdown was something I haven’t experienced for over 2 years – since I left my full-time architectural job. Ah! I have really missed that feeling. I love what I am doing, but when your hobby becomes your job it is so hard to ever fully switch off. Realising that I was long long overdue for a real weekend with NO work, I decided to switch my phone off as well and have a totally unplugged weekend! I have tried keeping my computer switched off before, but not touching my phone was liberating – it was wonderful! (Although one friend might want to strangle me for not be contactable during the weekend – oops!)

Not only did my brain enjoy the break from consistent interruption, but I discovered a new hangout cafe.

I decided to do a little shopping (something I never do!) and as I was driving towards Macquarie Centre was thinking how much I missed having the T2 teahouse as a place to escape and have a break, a sketch, a good cuppa and scones etc etc. It is funny that since T2 teahouse closed down I have hardly been to Macquarie at all and now that it has expanded I feel like it is a completely new place – even in the old section many shops have relocated. Anyway, right at the end of the new part, is a great cafe in the atrium – The Missing Piece. It was very busy and I had to wait for a seat but it was worth it. The staff was amazing and I couldn’t resist testing out their signature cinnamon scroll. What about the diet? I can eat anything as long as I draw it first so even though I enjoyed this scroll (didn’t eat all of it!) I felt very guilty doing so. Personally, I reckon that there is no point going on a diet if you don’t allow yourself ONE treat a week.

It was lovely to meet the owners – Matt and Brendan – who really made me feel welcome and I am looking forward to going back when it is a little quieter and sketch a better view of the cafe.

I have been doing a bit of research lately in order to formulate the best approach for me to get more people into my sketchbook. I will be sharing more about this in a little while, but in essence, I am focusing on gesture (‘thinking about it’ more than ‘doing’ right at the moment due to so many other things on my plate).  Brendan had this great lean while he was pouring the milk right at the time I wanted to add him in my sketch. However I wasted this opportunity by starting to draw too early and thinking about his size in relation to the other things on the page, rather than studying his pose for the few seconds he was in it – especially as he never quite returned to that same expressive lean! Anyway, this is a big subject and I am mentally buzzing at the moment with a few ideas to develop… just longing for the time to really focus on it.

Looking forward to going back to the Missing Piece for some more sketching…oh! and more of their food and drink!

In the evening, after a big family gathering, I did a little “Saturday night Palladianism”. For those of you who have followed my blog for a few years will recall my “Friday night baroque” sketches. This is a variation of that! I decided to use the Winsor and Newton alternative to my minimum palette of six colours. It was pure playtime!

It isn’t quite so straight on the page but I rather like the lean! Perhaps not quite an expressive barista lean though – hey? This is obviously done from a photo – I was sketching the architectural design rather than copying the photo of the scene (does that make sense!) I have made a promise to my Foundations class that I will write more about sketching from photos in a blog post soon… so stay tuned! I am looking forward to the time when I can go back to regular blogging and planning my posts again!

Anyway… time to get back to work!


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