Sketching Architecture: Elements classes in Milson's Point/ Kirribilli coming soon

February 22, 2014 | Leave your thoughts


Today I went to case the joint for my upcoming Sketching Architecture classes at Milson’s Point/ Kirribilli. I was mainly just walking the streets but I did do a few quick sketches and catch up with a friend at the same time.

I am very excited at the potential subject matter all around the area…lots of variety of different building types and styles!

The 6 week course will be
Sketching Architecture: Elements
Wednesday and Thursday mornings 9 April – 15 May.

Even though I might do loose often experimental sketches I am always relying on my foundation of 20 years as an architect designing and documenting buildings – thinking and seeing things as 3D forms and drawing the shapes in front of me. Because of this knowledge, I am able to see better when I sketch and have loads and loads of tricks of the trade that I use to describe what I see on the page. 

So this course will be all about breaking complex buildings into component parts and looking at ways to sketch what you see at different scales. The primary goal will be to help you see architecture better and although perspective will be mentioned each week it is not the focus.

Some of the elements we will be looking at are
structural elements, roofs, windows, doors, glass facades, verandahs, balustrades, stairs, building materials and decorative features.

I will be also offering a one day workshop in preparation for this course
Sketching Architecture: Fundamentals on Saturday 05 April

…and hoping a 2-day workshop (over two Saturdays) covering the same content in early May.

More details will follow next week but please email me if you want to reserve your spot in any of the above.

Oh! I also drew my lunch and the approach to the harbour bridge (and a quick loose painting of the SOH but haven’t scanned that yet!)

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