Sketches from a BCN Reunion evening

August 15, 2013 | Leave your thoughts


Two sketches from last night. Had a wonderful catch up with Alissa and Chris – my Sydney friends who were at the symposium in BCN.

What an absolute treat it is for me this year to have friends to share with in an unrestrained way (a lot of other friends don’t really understand what a USK event is all about!)… we can go nuts talking non stop and we all understand. SO many things still to compare notes on! Amazingly it was a month exactly since we were last together in BCN (we said goodbye to Alissa Monday morning 15 July and this was thursday evening Australian time 15 August …so a month almost to the hour!)

I am trying not to be so much of an obsessive sketcher these days so this means that I often don’t bother attempt to sketch of every meal especially when I am with people – choosing rather to get the most of of the conversation and even amazing sketchbooks to look through (why sketch when you can look through Chris’s and Alissa’s amazing sketchbooks in real life??) But I still managed to do a quick sketch beforehand and then once home as a way of recording the event!

I sketched the Queen Victoria Building at a rapid pace (reflecting the busy-ness of the cars, buses and people around me and the fading light) and then sketched my ‘Barcelona Cup’… finding it hard to have the time for sketching just for me these days. I might start a mini series on this cup as it is very challenging to do in a quick way and I need some time to get to know it better!

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