August 8, 2014 | 4 Comments

Today I had a day off just to go out sketching. My klass in sketchbook skool went live but as we are so far ahead of the rest of the world it was nice and quiet. Angela from Melbourne is in town for the SBS teaparty tomorrow so it was fun just to hang out with her and Chris. We sketched the cranes and construction site at Barangaroo among other things.

I was having a ‘all pressure off’ just have fun and experiment today. Didn’t actually finish a number of my sketches… this is the only one that is complete…and I think I missed about 5 cranes!

We found a great vantage spot with a seat- perfect….

The sketchbook photo….

I didn’t sketch my lunch but I did take a photo . Amazing selection of designer sandwiches at Splendid Sandwiches… I had the Lend Lease…you have to be a Sydneysider to really understand the significance.


  • JOAN says:

    Lovely sketches…I love huge machinery. My son works in a pit gold mine…the trucks they drive are 2 stories high! The tires are 8 ft. in diameter, way larger than my son who stands 6 feet tall.
    Nice to have a lull before the storm of SBS.

  • No pressure days are so wonderful!! Lets the joy of living come through. Your sandwich looks absolutely delicious (I had to enlarge the photo to see what was on it and now my tastebuds have kicked into overdrive!) and the sketches so fabulous. The background colors…the blues and grays…lend so much to the industrial construction!

  • sandra de says:

    Great photo of your SBS meet up. I also love the "We love ICAC" sticker on the post… you would have to be a Sydneysider to understand both the sambo and the sticker.

  • JOAN says:

    Oh please do explain the meaning of Lend Lease, We Love ICAC, to all of the non Sydneysiders who love to learn about other cultures.

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