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April 9, 2011 | 1 Comment

Another HUGE day – I didn’t get home till 8.45pm today…. thankfully I had actually finished all my sketches today on location so all I had to do was add a few notes while having my post dinner cuppa and here they all are…

Here are non sketchabout sketches first:
110409 Bookcase Mess
110409 Tara Rear courtyard

Another WONDERFUL sketchabout…and the most perfect day weather wise as well! Was a little exhausted in the morning but somehow picked up once the event started!

110409 Sketchabout 5_01 Another tree trunk
110409 Sketchabout 5_02 Another building!
110409 Sketchabout 5_03 Herb Garden
110409 Sketchabout 5_04 Herb Garden
110409 Sketchabout 5_05 Banana Leaves

1 Comment

  • Mike Porter says:

    Liz, how do you and Boromini post photos of your work? I mean, how do you photograph it? What lighting do you use? Do you take a larger shot then crop, save as jpeg, etc, etc. Use a certain white balance setting and all that stuff.

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